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1.  Hang a chute on the wash water containment vessel.  The procedure described here is for wash down of the main, flop down, and one chute extension.


3.  It is important to start the wash down from the top with the hopper and work your way down.  If washing down more than one extension chute, you would wash them prior to moving to the next step.


5.  Wash down the chute hanging on the "box."   Total wash down time for the main, flop down and one extension chute is under 5 minutes.  Add 1 minute to wash down procedure for each additional chute needing to be washed.


7.  Once back at the plant, remove the optional filter basket that separates the coarse aggregate from the wash water and recycle.

2.  Spin the main chute into alignment with the chute hanging on the "box" and start wash down procedure.


4.  Wash the main and flop down chute and rinse down into the chute hanging on the "box." 


6.  Secure the last chute on the truck and return to the plant.


8.  Back the truck up to your settlement pond and remove the cap and rinse out the "box."  This takes about 1 minute.  Truck is now ready for another load.