Innovative Concrete Solutions, LLC is the manufacturer and distributor of the Chute Wash Recovery system.  Our company was born out of the necessity to create the most cost effective solution to manage ready mix truck chute wash water for any jobsite.  Our people are experienced ready mix professionals with well over 100 years of collective experience to draw from.  Our promise is to offer exceptional quality and the ability to adapt our simple concept of the Chute Wash Recovery system to virtually any truck configuration, including front discharge ready mix trucks (currently under development).  When considering any chute wash product there are two very unique aspects that differentiates the Chute Wash Recovery System.

1.   We are one of the only systems that keeps the wash water in its own separate containment vessel and out of the truck's drum. 

2.  All other systems require hanging a bucket and hoses on the end of your chutes, the Chute Wash Recovery system is its own wash water containment vessel and the chutes are brought to it for cleaning instead.  This key difference requires less water for the wash down procedure and ultimately leads to a quicker turn around time for your trucks which will save you money.